About Us


Serwaa (Seh-WAH)

Meaning: "noble woman"


Nana Serwaa is a pharmacist and beauty entrepreneur who started doing makeup professionally in 2013. After struggling with a health issue that left her unable to work as a pharmacist or a makeup artist, she decided to pursue her dream of creating her own makeup brand that would give women everywhere the confidence they needed to express themselves. 

In the Akan language, Serwaa means "noble woman." Like its founder, the brand and its name is an embodiment of boldness, nobility, and beauty.


Serwaa Beauty caters to people of all backgrounds and skin tones. Our founder Nana Serwaa believes every woman deserves to fearlessly wear any makeup of her choice while embracing her unique beauty. Our mission is to celebrate and represent women of color who have been historically underrepresented and excluded from the cosmetic industry. Embrace and express your beauty with our luxurious line of products.